Design, technical and budget proposal for the renovation of an 100 sqm apartment

Dimitris invited us to his 100sqm apartment in Ilion, which he wanted to renovate in order to modernise it for his soon to be grown family. He needed an architectural proposal for the renovation as he did not know where to start with the design of the plan layout, the choice of the materials, textures, budget and timetable.

We recorded the apartment in detail and gathered as much information about the property as the position of the vertical drains, the positions of the radiators, the type of floors, the dimensions of the windows and doors and the height of the apartment.

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Μελέτη για την ανακαίνιση σπιτιού 100τμ - Κάτοψη


The plan layout of the apartment was quite good but we found during the survey that it needed some minor changes to make the spaces more functional.
*Even small changes to internal walls require minor works building permission approval.

We decided to join the kitchen with the living room and the dining room, making the common large space. We also made the largest of the three bedrooms a bit smaller so that we have three equal sized rooms.

The bathroom and WC remained in the same position and the same size. In the large bathroom, we proposed a walk-in shower, built-in shelves and a built-in counter with a free-standing sink. In the WC we proposed changing the tiles and the positions of the toilet and the furniture to make it more functional and more modern.

Also, Dimitris asked us to study the lighting of the common large space that includes the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. So we designed a recessed ceiling with hidden LED lighting. In the several recesses that existed in the walls we proposed the construction of built-in shelves and cabinets for additional storage.

Technical description:

The technical description states in detail all the different tasks that will take place, the timetable of the renovation and the quality of materials so the owners have the flexibility to modify anything as they wish.


We include a detailed budget proposal for the project so that at any time the owners have full control over the finances, quantities, unit prices and individual costs per job.

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