Design and construction of a pediatric dental clinic in Vari.

Maria and Lemonia, both pediatric dentists and friends, decided to open their own dental practice in Vari and visited our office. In the past we have worked with Maria and her family as we completed the construction of their home in Porto Rafti.


The doctors had already decided on the layout of the space which until now was an apartment. They wanted two separate rooms for the two dental chairs, reception, secondary spaces and a separate area for the x-ray machine.

The space needed many interventions as its previous use did not facilitate the needs of a dental clinic. The reception area got placed in the space in front of the main door and next to the guest bathroom. The rest of the space got divided into two medical offices and the x-ray room is located in between them.

Following the layout changes, we undertook the construction of all electrical and plumbing installations to serve the operation of the dental chairs and the X-ray. Also we installed new floor tiles, a false ceiling to create uniform diffused lighting in every space, workbenches in the medical rooms, built the composition of the reception desk and installed the wooden partition at the entrance.


Lemonia and Maria wanted us to add color to the space to spark the children’s imagination and create a pleasant environment for them, so with the help of an Artist we designed colorful geometric patterns on the walls. 

We wish the best of luck to Maria and Lemonia with their new venture.  We want to thank you again for your trust.



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