Construction supervision, design and decoration of a newly built apartment in Zografou.

Panos visited us in our office as he had just bought a new apartment in a building under construction in Zografou.

The owner lives abroad and wanted us to work together to oversee the construction, design the interior layout as he was not satisfied with the proposal which he had already received, and undertake the aesthetic design of the apartment.

When we visited the site, Panos’s apartment was still in the early stages of construction so we had the opportunity to re-design the plan.


The apartment is a 2 story flat, the main space is double heighted with windows in both levels which makes the apartment brighter and makes it feel bigger 

We were very excited about this feature and we decided to design around it.

We placed on the entrance level the living room in the double heighted space, the dining room, the kitchen and a small bathroom. The bedrooms and the main bathroom are located in the second level.

Aesthetics & Decoration

Panos really appreciates minimal aesthetics where natural materials are present and the result is relaxing and elegant.

For the kitchen we chose cabinets in white and added some contrast with dark grey to the cupboards of the island, the counter, the backsplash and the hanging cabinets. The island in the middle of the space creates a social point inside the house.

In the dining area, we designed cupboards from the same dark grey, which we combined with a shade of wood that matches the floor which we chose for the entire apartment. We designed an entrance synthesis with storage. The furniture for the dining and the living room is simple and colour-matches smoothly with the rest of the house’s materials palette.

The fireplace was a very important feature that was missing from the house, so we installed a gas fireplace inside a drywall synthesis. The warmth of this element makes it the centre of the home.

We wanted the bathrooms to harmoniously complement the material palette of the apartment, so we chose wood-effect tiles which we installed on the floors and in the showers. Dark grey stone effect tiles were installed on the remaining walls of the bathrooms Finally we chose minimal bathroom furniture to match the rest of the aesthetic.

For the bedrooms we chose sliding wardrobes to save space. We also chose wallpapers for some of the walls to give the effect of plaster mortar to the wall.

We designed the lighting strategy for the whole flat and together with Panos we chose the lighting fixture and furniture for his home. 

We are proud and very pleased with the result and we hope Panos enjoys it!


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