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Renovation permit

By 27/10/2022February 7th, 2023Your Questions
Χρειάζομαι άδεια για να ανακαινίσω το σπίτι μου?

Do I need a permit to renovate my home?

According to law 4495/2017, no permit is required for the majority of renovation works, while for the rest, the approval of small-scale permit is usually needed.

Works for which no renovation permit is required:

  1. Interior colouring. 
  2. Small-scale internal repairs or modifications that do not change the load-bearing structure of the building.
  3. External painting or replacement of railings or repair of facades without the use of scaffolding.
  4. Maintenance, repair, modification or partial replacement of buildings’ facilities and ducts.
  5. It is about the repair or even the entire replacement of the internal plumbing and electrical installations, as long as we do not interfere with common parts such as vertical columns, supplies, etc.
  6. Replacement of internal or external windows and balcony door frames and glass panes in the same opening.
  7. Maintenance and repair of roofs without the use of scaffolding.
  8. Repairs to tiled roofs, pergolas, insulation on roofs, etc. As long as there is no need to set up scaffoldings.
  9. Installation of solar panel water heaters, air conditions and wall-mounted gas boilers for heating and hot water production in existing buildings.
  10. Installation of passive solar panel systems or replacement of external frames or installation or replacement of chimneys on the external faces of existing buildings, without the use of scaffolding, within the framework of the “Exiconomo” program, as well as installation of passive solar systems or replacement of external frames or installation or replacing chimneys on the exteriors of existing buildings without the use of scaffolding.
  11. Placing or installing equipment in buildings, such as cupboards, fitting or removing exterior partitions, as well as the installation of small areas of permanent decorative and utilitarian elements, such as statues, fountains, iconostasis, benches and tables, or temporary animal shelters surface up to three (3) sq.m. in uncovered areas of plots and fields.
  12. Construction of stoves, ovens and fireplaces with their chimneys in uncovered areas of plots or fields, provided that there is a building with residential use, as well as in a building that has a building permit or exists legally, as long as the load-bearing elements of the building are not affected.
  13. If the fireplace or barbecue is to be placed inside an apartment or on its balcony, a small-scale works permit is required.
  14. Construction of a pergola with or without a temporary roof surface up to fifty (50) m2, in uncovered areas, front yards and ground floor terraces, as long as it is not prohibited by special regulations in force in the area.
  15. If the pergola is to be placed on the balcony of one floor or if it has an area of ​​more than 50 square meters, a small-scale works approval is required.
  16. Installation of temporary shades, blinds, sheds and awnings.

Works for which small-scale permit is required:

  1. Internal arrangements without affecting the load bearing structure of the building.
  2. Installing scaffolding for any job.
  3. The most common are: Repair of facades (Colouring an whole building)/Installation of external thermal insulation (shell)
  4. Construction of a pergola up to 50 square metres or on the balcony of an apartment or on the roof of a building.
  5. Construction of a fireplace inside an apartment.
  6. Interventions in the facades of buildings to modify or open new openings, as long as the load bearing structure of the building is not affected and the interventions do not conflict with any specific building regulations.
  7. Installation of a swimming pool, with a maximum area of ​​fifty (50) m2, served by external systems of a compact engine room

In any case, even if the work you plan to do at your home does not require a permit, you will still need to take care of EFKA for the construction workers. You can find out more in our corresponding article.

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