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Duration of the renovation

By 07/10/2022February 7th, 2023Your Questions
Διάρκεια ανακαίνισης

How long does it take to renovate my home?

Time is the most common point of friction between the owner and the contractor company. We all know someone, who in order to repair their house, experienced endless delays, arguments and phone calls. The renovation is quite a complex process involving about 30 craftsmen and suppliers. Therefore very tight coordination is required to complete it on time.

Obviously, the duration of the repair depends on the extent of the work, therefore it depends on the cost of the renovation.

A specialised and experienced company needs approximately 2 days for every 1000 euros of budget to complete the respective tasks. For example, a renovation which costs 20,000 euros will be completed in about 40 days.

In our company, we take the issue of time seriously and for this reason in every renovation agreement, we guarantee the duration in writing.

Contact our team and let’s plan the renovation of your own home together!

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