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Renovation Cost

By 03/08/2022February 7th, 2023Your Questions
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What is the cost to renovate my home?

It’s like asking, what is the cost of buying a car?

Really what would you say if someone asked you how much a car costs? You would have to know more, in order to answer this question. 

The question of how much a home renovation costs is similar!

As with buying a car, the price range is very wide. The final price is always determined by our budget and what requirements we have from our car.

The same goes for renovating your home. To answer the question of how much it will cost, you must first let us know what you would like to do with your home, and then we will analyse the project together based on your budget and needs. For example, the choice of materials plays a big role in the final cost. There are 5 euro tiles and 250 euro tiles. What tile would we choose to budget your bathroom renovation?

In the following analysis, it will be clear how we in Home Done can accurately create the budget proposal for your home renovation.

Step 1: Cost estimation 

An experienced engineer can, at a glance, give you a cost estimation for the renovation you intend to do, before getting into the details.

Based on our experience, the complete renovation of a house can cost from 500 to 700 euros per square meter. Of course, the final renovation cost depends entirely on:

  • the architectural proposal
  • the size of the house (the smaller, the more expensive)
  • the extent of the renovation
  • the construction details
  • the quality of the materials.

Factors that also play a role in cost estimation are:

  • the work permit
  • the insurance of the craftsmen in EFKA

We especially emphasise the above two points because in many offers that are given to our customers, we have found that these two important cost figures are usually not mentioned.

Step 2: The proposal

In order to get a final cost for your renovation, we need to start with the proposal:

– Our engineers will visit your home

– We will discuss your needs and wishes for the house

– We will measure the spaces so we get a detailed inprint. 

– We will create the proposal 

Here you can see examples of studies compiled by our team.

Step 3: The financial offer

After the project has been designed in every detail, we are ready to price it. Home Done’s quotation always includes detailed quantities for each job and unit prices. So the owner has a clear picture and absolute control over their expenses, knowing exactly what they are paying and to whom.

Contact our team and let’s plan and price your home renovation together.

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