Design and renovation of an apartment in Ano Kypseli

Stavros contacted us about the renovation of the apartment he intended for his son, following the recommendation from one of our previous clients.

We visited them at their house, where we noticed that the functionality of the apartment could get significantly improved. 

Plan layout design

The apartment is located on the ground floor and has access from both the yard and the street. It features a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Also the apartment had a storage space, which was practically unused and the owner wanted it to be properly integrated into the house and be part of the functional spaces.

We decided to remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room to create a large kitchen and dining area and created access to the storage room which was converted into the new living room of the apartment.

We changed the layout of the bathroom by enlarging it towards the corridor, also modified the positions of the windows and door openings to better serve the new uses of the rooms.

Finally we utilized the yard by creating designated storage for the washing machine and dryer.


The aesthetics of the result were very much determined by the personal taste of Ifigenia and George, who are the users of the apartment after the renovation.

For the floor, we proposed long granite tiles with a wood effect, placed throughout the apartment so that there would be uniformity in the spaces. We combined the floor tiles  with woodwork in corresponding shades around the apartment in order to keep the minimal aesthetics.

In the kitchen we chose Egger laminate and bakelite surfaces in light earth tones. We created plenty of storage and installed a high gloss marble effect tile on the kitchen backsplash.

In the dining area we created a large built-in bookcase with shelves and cabinets with a choice of wood effect melamine to match the palette of the apartment.

In the bedrooms we built new wardrobes which were designed based on the needs of Ifigenia and George.

In the bathroom, we designed furniture for the free-standing washbasin with cabinet and artificial granite counter. Above the counter we placed a round mirror with LED. Next to the composition we created a recess and placed shelves and cabinets in wood effect to match the rest. The shower is quite large and separated with the rest of the space with glass cabin with sliding door. We chose shower tap with a waterfall hat for a better shower experience. 

For the tiles we chose white and green to match the floor tiles we had chosen for the whole flat.

We wish Ifigenia and George a pleasant stay in their new home!!


Architectural proposal


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