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Bathroom Renovation – Cost- Duration

By 03/08/2022February 7th, 2023Your Questions
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How much does a bathroom renovation cost and how many days will it last?

A lot has been written online, ads everywhere, prices, offers. Very confusing.

Let’s organise the subject of a complete bathroom renovation.

Design Plan:

The bathroom is the smallest space in the house and at the same time one of the most demanding in terms of practicality and appearance. In order to achieve beautiful results, it is important to design with emphasis on the functionality and the aesthetic choices.

The assistance of an architect at this stage can be valuable.

Bathroom renovation does NOT require a renovation permit.


During the work, several craftsmen and materials will enter the house.

It is good to prepare beforehand in order to prevent the whole house from getting disturbed by the work. 

Removing furniture and belongings from the entryway and hallway, covering floors and sealing interior doors are considered essential.

Cost: €50

Duration: –

Demolition & Removals:

In this step, the following gets removed:

  • all old sanitary ware (basin, sink, bathtub, etc.)
  • wall tiles and plaster
  • he floor tiles and old floor concrete fillings
  • the piping of the old plumbing installations
  • the interior door
  • the window 

If there is a loft storage space, it can be safely demolished as it is not part of the load-bearing structure of the building.

There will be a significant amount of debris and materials to be removed, thus a collection bin should be installed by a certified company that will remove it and recycle everything that can be recycled.

At the end of the stripping process, the bathroom is left bare (bricks on the walls and concrete on the floor)

Cost: 300-400€

Duration: 1-2 days

Plasterboard ceiling:

In modern bathrooms, we choose to reduce the height a bit by installing a plasterboard false ceiling.

With this technique we achieve:

  1. a) uniform lighting in the space (spotlights, LED strips, etc.)
  2. b) better aesthetic effect in the space has better proportions for its size. 

Cost: €150

Duration: 0.5 day


The most important infrastructure in the bathroom is plumbing.

It is best to replace everything completely and not to modify them slightly by keeping existing pipes.

This way we will be sure that we will not be faced with the unfortunate event of another repair in the future due to a leak.

The multilayer and heavy-duty plastic pipes have prevailed over the common copper pipes.

If the bathroom is large and we want full control of the plumbing, we can install a water control panel so there is no connection inside a wall or on the floor.

Cost: 1000-1200€

Duration: 1-2 days


We will definitely need to replace the old radiator with a modern one (towel rack).

The challenges start when the bathroom design requires moving the radiator to a new location.

If the house is heated with an autonomous system, then the transfer is a simple matter.

But if the heating system is central for the whole building, then there are serious commitments and only an experienced plumber can decide and implement the transfer.

Cost: €150-300

Duration: 0.5 day


In general, the electrical infrastructure in a bathroom is not a complicated matter and includes lighting and appliance electric supplies.

Water heater, washing machine, and possibly dryer should have separate lines to the electric control panel of the house.

In a bathroom we usually have the ceiling lighting, which usually consists of spotlights and sometimes hidden LED strips for a diffused result. Additionally we have the mirror lighting, which is more targeted and usually used for makeup, shaving, etc.

Cost: €150-300

Duration: 0.5 day


After the infrastructures (hydraulic-electrical) have been installed, the walls must be plastered again with modern strong mortars to accommodate the new tiles.

A new filling with drain slopes is constructed on the floor so that the water collects in the appropriate floor drainage.

Cost: €400-600

Duration: 1 day


At a glance, one can easily see that there are countless designs on the market.

Caution. In terms of aesthetics less is more. Trendy patterns or bold designs might look outdated after a few years.

Minimal options (monochrome tiles without many patterns and designs) stand the test of time.

Good quality branded tiles start from around €35/sqm.

Very large and very small tiles have a higher installation cost.

The right choice of glue is also very important. We avoid very cheap connection materials at all costs.

Cost: 1100-1500€

Duration: 3-4 days

Sanitary ware:

Here things are simple. Prefer branded products.

A complete bathroom set, consists of:

– Bathtub or shower with safety glass

– Toilet with low pressure fluss 

– Bathroom furniture with sink and mirror

– Sink and shower faucets

– Bathroom accessories

Cost: 1200-1500€

Duration: 1 day


If the bathroom has an old window, it can be replaced with aluminum with a rolling net for protection from bugs and insects.

Cost: 300-400€

Duration: –


Very often, in a complete bathroom renovation, the need arises to replace the door due to a new arrangement inside it.

The main options for the new door are:

  1. a) Laminate door 
  2. b) MDF door that needs to be painted

Cost: €300

Duration: 1 day


The renovation of the bathroom is completed by painting the ceiling.

A key element is the choice of anti-mold paints to avoid black spots and peeling.

Cost: €250

Duration: 1 day


In summary, the cost for a complete bathroom renovation ranges from €5000 to €6000, while the duration of the work is from 10 to 14 days.



All listed values ​​in the article are net (without VAT)

Before starting the work, ask for clarifications on the insurance of the craftsmen (EFKA)

The listed costs and corresponding times are indicative. Each project is unique and has its own characteristics.

Contact us to plan and implement your own bathroom renovation.

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