Design and complete renovation of a home in Mets.

We met Spyros and Nikos for the first time in their new home in Mets.
Entering the space, we were impressed by the unobstructed views that the apartment had towards the sea and the city of Athens.

The owners explained to us that they intended to turn the flat into their dream home and all the details would be carefully designed to fit their everyday life.

The directive was once and for all clear:
Everything will be designed with passion and will be discussed until the ideal emerges.


Plan layout design

The apartment had two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen as a separate area, and two bathrooms.
We noticed that almost all the rooms had beams and columns in undesirable positions, both aesthetically and functionally.

The owners had already studied the apartment floor plan a lot, and knew exactly what they wanted.

We discussed and planned carefully so that we could find the best possible solutions for everything.

The final design of the apartment included the linear layout of the living room, dining room and kitchen, with the kitchen remaining in the space it was in.
In the rest of the house, we designed two bedrooms with their own ensuite bathrooms and an office room. 



Spyros and Nikos are into strong tone contrasts.
Consequently, the whole house was based on the combination of light and fairly dark shades on the walls and surfaces in order to achieve the desired tone contrast in the space.

The color that dominates the whole house is ivory, and is combined with dark wege or black elements.
In the kitchen we stuck to the idea of ​​color contrast, where we combined black acrylic doors on the bases and full-length cabinets, with ivory acrylic doors on the hanging cabinets and ivory Corian on all the counters.

In the bathrooms we followed the same logic by keeping strong contrasts and choosing tones of beige and gray which we combined with shades of dark and light wood.

We replaced the floor tiles in the kitchen and balconies, and also added a new timber floor in the hallway. Lastly we maintained and conserved all the existing timber floors by changing their shade.

Finally, the house got fully equipped with an autonomous natural gas system for hot water and heating.


Spyros and Nikos are now enjoying their new home and we are very glad that we helped! 


Architectural proposal


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